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Advisory Board

The school advisory board is comprised of school parents, parishioners, local business leaders and educators. Our primary mission is to provide strategic guidance, advice and support to our Principal and Pastor. 

2017-18 School Advisory Board 

All can be reappointed to a consecutive term

(no more than 3 consecutive terms)

Executive Committee
Megan Liney, Chair- Executive Committee
Mary Cavallaro, Chair- Development Committee
Lea Perretta, Chair- Marketing Committee
Nicole Elguicze, Chair- Finance Committee
Julie Wright, H.A.S.A. President
Father Michael J. Lee O'Praem, Pastor
Mary Kay Hennessy, Principal


Ed Morris- St. Norbert CYO President
Dr. JoAnne McAdams- Grants
Forrest Fisher- Parish Council Liaison
Cathy Link - Advancement Coordinator
Michael Helduser - Technology Liaison





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