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Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

We kicked off Catholic Schools Week with mass on Sunday, where our students did readings, sang in the choir, and brought up offertory gifts. On Monday morning, many parents visited our children's classrooms, and the students proudly displayed their current projects. In the afternoon, our 4th and 5th graders competed with the parish's 50+ Group in a fun religion bee. It was hard to recognize who was who on Crazy Eights Day on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, we supported kids with pediatric cancer with our service project, Nickels to Knockout Cancer. The students certainly got creative in their nickel lineups this year! Today's Hip Hop assembly was so lively that some teachers felt compelled to get up and show us their moves! The kids had a sweet ending to their day with an ice cream sundae bar topping off Student Appreciation Day. What a great week it has been to far!

CSW around school pictures

See our pictures from Nickels to Knockout Cancer!!

Hip Hop Assembly pictures

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