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December Pic Collage

Third grader Travis Saverino visited Pearl Harbor.  He met 95 year old survivor James De Witt on the USS Antares.

The cooking for a cause club was busy making North Pole Cupcakes this week for the Open Door pantry.

Kindergartener Liam Moore chose his Bulldog reward to have lunch with the principal Mrs. Hennessy.

Kindergarten -A students give their monkeys that they stuffed and named for children at
Nemours Hospital one last hug before putting them in their gift  bags and sending them to some special patients.


Kindergarten - B students created these monkeys to be donated to the children at A.I.DuPont hospital .
They made a wish , said a prayer ,gave it a heart and made a birth certificate.
It was a great experience.

Second grade and sixth grade had so much fun working together on Buddy Day to make turkey decorations for Thanksgiving. They did a great job helping each other out and enjoyed taking about their plans for Thanksgiving!

Second grade learned about the wind and the tools that are used to measure the wind.  They made wind vanes and anemometers that they took outside and used to test the speed and direction of the wind.

Kindergarten making rosary beads with their 7th grade buddies.

KB enjoying some iPad time!


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