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At Saint Norbert School we strive to have the best available technology that will help the students excel in their academic pursuits.

The latest addition in this goal is the replacement cycle for iPads. Starting with the 2015-16 school year, 1st and 5th Grade students receive new iPads that they keep for four years. Our teachers have iPads that they use for teaching, meetings, training, and professional development. Presently, the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade students have the use of iPads in school and at home - a 1:1 iPad structure. For students in PreK-4 through 4th Grade, iPads on iPad carts are available for use. The carts have enough iPads for each student to have their own iPad. This is, also, a 1:1 iPad setup where the iPads remain in the School.  In addition to iPads, some of the School classrooms have a SmartBoard with projector and a teacher computer. While other classrooms have a 70" TV and teacher computer. All classrooms have an Apple TV that teachers and students use to display their iPad content to the class. The 7th grade homeroom has 6 student computers for use by 8th grade students in creating their Yearbook. The school has a network that is controlled by a domain server. The network links all of the computers, wireless access points, printers (desktop and wireless), Internet filter and router/modem devices. Also on the network are two lobby monitors, a school badge system, and a school bell system. Anyone using the Internet over the School network are routed through the Internet filter.

We have a School Technology Committee that identifies technology requirements and subsequently implements the technology. Listed below are our current members.

Technology Committee


Todd DeSimone - Chair / Teacher / Technology Coordinator

Mary Kay Hennessy - Principal

Richard Cavallaro - Parent / Technical Support

Chris Shank - Parent / Technical Support



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