C-STEAM in Action!

In an earlier post, we shared with you the concept of C-STEAM and how our St. Norbert students are powered every day by our Catholic faith and the critical academic principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math.

So what does that look like through different grades the classroom? One popular C-STEAM activity is what our Science Teacher Mrs. Dilks calls the Brown Bag Challenge. This encourages students to really think outside the box (or the bag in this case). A small group of students is given a paper bag and Mrs. Dilks tells them what they need to build or what task they need to complete using only the supplies in the bag.

Some of the recent challenges included:

  • Building a bridge that needed to support a certain weight without collapsing.

  • Constructing a building that can withstand a large drop to assimilate strong weather or earthquakes.

Check out our students of all ages tackling these challenges together!