The 8th grade celebrated 100 Days Until Graduation on Monday, February 26th, orchestrated by the homeroom moms of the class. Many moms were in the classroom when we arrived that morning after saying the rosary in the gym before classes. The 8th graders were pleasantly surprised that this was their day!

They had a continental breakfast in our beautifully decorated homeroom and locker room: 100 balloons, signs, decals, magnets, and the like. The class had fellowship with each other, took pictures, and enjoyed each other’s company – and they were thrilled that they had no classes to attend!

After breakfast, they participated in an “Escape Room” in the library that was organized by one of our great moms. After that, they went on a scavenger hunt around the school building. One of the things they had to find was Mrs. Scelzo’s due date!

Lunch was provided by District Taco and served in the cafeteria. The Kindergarten kindly gave up their space to the 8th grade knowing full well that when they’re in 8th grade they will also have this privilege. After lunch, the kids played basketball in the gym and then watched a movie (with movie candy of course) in the classroom.

It was a really fun day for the 8th grade and they so much appreciated having the day off from school work!