One of the most anticipated events in the 4th grade is the embryology program in the classroom. We obtain a dozen or so fertilized eggs from Penn State Extension Agency.  In our classroom incubator, we keep them warm for the last week of their 21 day incubation period.

During this week-long period, we turn them multiple times a day to keep the embryos from sticking to their shells. On Friday, we stop and leave them for the weekend.

When we arrive at school on Monday, at least one is out of its shell.

As the chicks hatch, we play a lullaby over the loudspeaker to share the happy news with the whole school, just like the hospitals do.

By Tuesday, all are hatched, need to dry and are then moved to our brooder box.
After a week or so in the classroom, families are allowed to take them home to raise them for eggs.
This was our 6th year hatching in our classroom and it’s always a fun, educational experience for the children.