At Saint Norbert’s School, we are proud to offer a rigorous academic curriculum guided by The Common Core Standards and complemented by our core Catholic teachings and values.

Blue Ribbon Award

In 2021, Saint Norbert’s School earned the prestigious honor of being named a Blue Ribbon school. St. Norbert is a two time winner of this award and recognized as an Exemplary High-Performing School. Our school was one of only 13 private schools to receive the award in Pennsylvania, which is given by the Department of Education and honors public and private elementary, middle, and high schools where students either achieve very high learning standards or are making notable improvements in closing the achievement gap. For more information on the Blue Ribbon Award, click here.

Middle State Accreditation

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools is one of six regional higher education accrediting agencies in the United States.  Schools are evaluated every seven years. Saint Norbert’s School met all standards for re-accreditation Fall of 2014 following an extensive self-study, with special focus in the areas of Reading, Science and Technology. The evaluation report commended the school for excellence not only in these fields, but also in the areas of Philosophy, Leadership and Governance, Student Services, and Resources.

Terra Novas

St. Norbert School students’ performance on the Terra Nova standardized testing is above the local, diocese and national levels yearly. The 8th grade class of 2023 has been awarded $565,000 in scholarships.

The Neumann Scholarship

St. Norbert School has been honored to have eleven students recognized as Neumann Scholars from the Connelly Foundation during its school history. Most recently, 2023 Daniel Cogan was one of 40 eighth graders in the archdiocese to receive a full 4-year tuition scholarship to any Archdiocesan high school of his choice.

Archdiocesan School of Distinguished Instruction

St. Norbert School has recently been named an Archdiocesan School of Distinguished Instruction for 2022. To achieve this award two criteria areas are looked at – one for growth and one for exceeding potential on the Terra Nova Standardized Test. For growth, the school was found to have exceeded 90% or above in all content areas with a rate of potential between 76 and 90% on the Terra Nova Testing . In exceeding potential, the school was found to have 90% of the classes meeting or exceeding their potential in all content areas at every level tested as well as a 76-90% growth rate in all content areas at all grade levels.

St. Norbert School met the criteria for both areas. The school was one of 30 schools in the diocese that exceeded 90% in both growth rate and potential. Way to go, Bulldogs!

St. Norbert School also received this award in 2021.