Lunch Program

Clicking on a link will show you the corresponding School Lunch Menu.

Please pay promptly! We need to get counts in to Great Valley lunch program in a timely manner.

NO CASH, checks only and one check per family

  • The items offered for a second order are pizza and chicken nuggets, at an additional cost of $1.25. For example, you order an extra slice of pizza your total is $7.25 ($6.00 for the lunch and $1.25 for the extra slice). Please see menu for this information.
  • We will credit a lunch if your child is absent 2 or more days and you are responsible for keeping track of those days, attaching a copy of that menu month which was ordered for and missed.
  • A doctor note is required if a student is lactose intolerant or has a dairy allergy.  Soy milk or water can be substituted for those students who cannot tolerate dairy products.
  • Water can be purchased for $.50.

If your child forgets lunch, Mrs. Myers will give that child a meal and send you an email with the charge amount.

To apply for free and reduced meals you may request a form from our office or go onto and apply yourself.

Any questions, please email Lori Myers, Dining Hall Manager at