St. Norbert School’s

Pathway To Preparedness

As we prepare for the 2020-2021 academic year, the SNS faculty and staff look forward to continuing the mission of St. Norbert School to educate Catholic leaders in a nurturing, dynamic learning environment.  We are actively engaged in planning for the new school year and would like to share the following updates about the school’s preparations…

Principal’s Highlights – Week of October 19

As all of us begin to make plans for the upcoming holidays, we would like to remind you to please take the time to review the state of Pennsylvania’s COVID-19 Information for Travelers which includes a list of travel destinations requiring quarantine upon your return to Pennsylvania.  As this list is updated frequently, it would be wise to check it when you are making your travel plans, before your departure, and when you arrive home.

All members of the SNS community–students and their families, faculty and staff–must adhere to the regulations issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Health in regard to travel.  Per the school’s Health and Safety Plan, all students returning from vacation to a state on the list must quarantine at home for 2 weeks and participate in virtual home learning before their return to school.

We appreciate the extra effort all families are making to keep the school as safe as possible.  Thank you for your continued prayers and for your deep commitment to our students, teachers and school.