St. Norbert School

Prepared, Connected, Thriving

As we prepare for the 2020-2021 academic year, the SNS faculty and staff look forward to continuing the mission of St. Norbert School to educate Catholic leaders in a nurturing, dynamic learning environment.  We are actively engaged in planning for the new school year and would like to share the following updates about the school’s preparations…

St. Norbert School’s

Pathway To Preparedness

Principal’s Update – July 24th

For the last month, the SNS Health & Safety Committee has been actively reviewing the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Onward as well as Department of Education’s guidelines as the school prepares to reopen for in-person instruction with a specific plan that is appropriate for our school. The various subcommittees are focusing on operational topics such as Health/Medical policies, Security & Safety procedures, Physical Plant/Maintenance, Technology initiatives and resources, Distance Learning and the SNS Event Calendar.

Thank you to all the parents who were able to join the online Town Hall meetings held earlier this week. It was heartening to see how well attended these meetings were; it was a great testament of how connected we are as a community. The questions provided to the Health & Safety Committee in advance, as well as those questions and comments shared during the meetings, were very much appreciated.

For anyone who was not able to attend the Town Hall meetings, please refer to the updated PowerPoint presentation. Included is not only the preliminary planning information, but also all of the questions that were received. 

As discussed, the SNS Health & Safety Committee will now work to develop the initial full draft of the Health & Safety Plan. The intention to publish the plan by the end of July/beginning of August for the school community to review and comment on before it is finalized. You are encouraged to continue to share questions, comments and ideas in the days ahead as the committee will review and consider everything that is submitted.  

One Request: If you are certain of your plan to have your child be in school or at home for instruction in the fall, please let Mrs. Hennessy know as soon as possible. It will help with space planning in each classroom. Please know, though, it is absolutely fine if you have not yet decided and are waiting for the full plan to be published and finalized.

Thank you again for the care and passion you show for your children, their classmates, and the teachers and staff here at SNS. We have received so many encouraging messages since the Town Halls; please know they are very much appreciated.  


Mrs. Mary Kay Hennessy, Principal

Dave Fritz, Health & Safety Committee Co-Chair

Dave Savage, Health & Safety Committee Co-Chair


Health and Safety

  • Formation of a committee of school and parish staff, teachers and parents tasked with developing a Health and Safety Plan for SNS
  • Purchased safety equipment including contactless thermometers and hand sanitizers

Campus Preparedness

  • Installation of Plexiglas partitions throughout the main areas of the school including the main office, nurse’s office, dining hall and restrooms.
  • Reconfiguring desk placement in classrooms and purchasing additional desks to maximize social distancing.

Classroom Routines

  • Exploring various teaching models including having students remain in the classrooms while Upper School and Co-Curricular teachers change classes to minimize movement in the hallways.
  • Creating one-way traffic patterns in the hallways.