SNS Re-Entry Information

AM/PM Traffic Plans

Please note while various iterations of a traffic pattern have been conceived and reviewed, we are planning to commence the year with a simple approach, but will be open to change if the morning traffic proves challenging to manage.

All traffic will be required to enter the campus from Greenlawn Road. The initial plan will be a single lane with three (3) areas where students can disembark from their car or bus and make their way towards a school entrance. Please note the single lane will be lined with cones to the right to provide a safe walking lane for students to the school building and to contain vehicles in the lane to ensure an orderly flow in the lane and exit from the parking lot.

Drop Off Area #1 will be for the back of the gymnasium entrance (corner entrance across from the church), Drop Off Area #2 will be for the entrance to the parish center (last year’s drop off point), and Drop Off Area #3 will be for the dining hall entrance. Each Drop Off Area will accommodate 5-7 cars. Volunteers will be present to direct cars as they move through the line. No matter which drop off area your car stops in, your child will walk forward to their drop off area’s assigned entrance. It is important to communicate to your children which entrance they should walk to, based upon which drop off area you stop in when arriving. Cars will be directed to depart the car line once the children in each drop off area have reached their entrance.

We will clear each area completely and continue to direct cars through the lane. It is expected that as many as 18 cars can plan to disembark simultaneously. As buses enter the lane, that amount may diminish until the bus can exit.

Please note the afternoon dismissal procedure will remain the same as in prior years. Cars enter the school parking lot via Greenlawn Road and follow the perimeter of the entire parking lot, circling into the back parking lot alongside the church. Cars should wait in line in front of the church until the teacher directs them forward alongside the school building once the school buses have departed. Cars should pull forward to the main office and wait for their children to come out of the building. All cars depart via Greenlawn Road.

Zoom Etiquette

SNS students are expected to strive to be their “Bulldog Best” to create a positive learning environment for students and teachers alike. When learning on-line, students should demonstrate compassion in their conversations and interactions, be accountable by arriving to the class on time with the needed books and supplies, show respect by being attentive and behaving appropriately, and be determined to be an active class participant.

Please review the SNS Virtual Learning Etiquette and Procedures.