SNS welcomes 40 new families this Fall


This Fall, St. Norbert School welcomed 40 new families to the SNS family. The addition of 62 new students (with new students in every grade) brings SNS total enrollment to 217.


“Even with social distancing and masks, there has definitely been a louder buzz in the hallways and more activity on the playground,” said Cathy Link, SNS Advancement Coordinator. “Our hybrid model offering the choice of either in-person or virtual instruction was a major draw for many of our new families.” 


“By the time our son’s 4th grade school year had ended in the Spring of 2020, we realized that remote learning wasn’t the best option for him,” said Melissa R, mom of 5th grader Nicholas. “We searched for a school with a greater in-person learning opportunity than our public school district was offering, and decided to enroll him at St. Norbert School for 5th grade. 


“Switching schools can have its challenges. However in our son’s case, it has been the best decision we’ve made regarding his education so far. Not only is he enjoying school, he’s thriving. He loves his teachers, is becoming more confident and independent, and is more interested in learning. We’re thankful to SNS for providing our son with a wonderful academic environment.”