Welcome to Mrs. Teri Cardille and Mrs. Mary Devereux!

This year, we welcome two new teachers to the SNS community, Librarian Mrs. Teri Cardille, and Learning Support Teacher, Mrs. Mary Devereux.

Mrs. Cardille is our resident librarian, but this isn’t her first time at St. Norbert School. She taught third grade from 1999-2010. Mrs. Cardille received two BA’s – one in English/communications and the other in history. She also has a master’s in education. Before teaching, she worked at Cigna for sixteen years, most recently in risk management technology.

Mrs. Cardile loves the students and teaching at St Norbert’s. Her two children are SNS graduates!




Mrs. Devereux is our new learning support teacher. Prior to teaching at St. Norbert School, she taught learning support in New Jersey public schools for five years and Pennsylvania public schools for three years. She has also been a private tutor for twenty years.

Mrs. Devereaux appreciates the respect the students have for one another and is happy to share her passion for teaching with our school.


Welcome to SNS!